Photo: Kristina Garalytė

Call for Papers: ‘On Matters of Love’

The aim of the seminar – ‘ON MATTERS OF LOVE’ – is to bring together recent developments in the research on romantic love. In other words, the seminar seeks to serve as a platform for PhD students and early-career researchers to share and discuss their findings in a friendly environment of like-minded colleagues. The feedback will help participants in developing full papers for publication in the future, and to guide their further research. Ideally, the result of the seminar would be a joint publication.

It has been said that emotions, including that bundle of emotions understood as ‘romantic love’, are not only a bodily reaction, but also a socio-cultural construct (Hochschild 1979, 1983, Ilouz 1997, 2012, Lynch 1990). Thus, romantic love practices and understandings vary in different socio-cultural contexts.

We are especially interested in working papers which explore:

– how is romantic love understood and practiced across different groups (including different genders, sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities, etc.) and cultures?

– is romantic love seen as a sine qua non for relationships, or a ‘conceit’ which only a few can think of?

– what are the universal elements/themes in practices and discourses on love? 

– what is the bearing of material status on practices and understandings of romantic love? 

–  in what ways do socio-economic policies influence practices and understandings of love?

– do catastrophes of contemporary world (climate catastrophe, wars, inequalities) bear on intimate relationships?

– how to conduct research on love in various socio-cultural contexts and historical times?

The call is open to scholars within humanities and social sciences, who use qualitative methods in their research.

Interested scholars are encouraged to share abstracts (200-300 words) by 30th of January 2023. Acceptance notes will be sent by mid-February 2023. Full working papers (2000-2500 words, further distributed to all participants) are to be submitted by 30th of April 2023. The seminar will be held online between 15th to 17th of May 2023.

Abstracts and questions should be addressed to Anna Romanowicz: .